Monday, October 12, 2009


So I have never been a big fan of moving...I actually don't know anyone who is. 
Prior to buying my first house, I rented a house for 5 years.  When we started looking at places to buy and finally found "the one", we made an offer.  Mind you my girls were about 17 months old and I wasn't really thrilled about the idea of living out of boxes not knowing whether or not we would get it.  Especially while trying to be a mom and what if the escrow fell through.  I was not about to start packing until we found out we got the house...bad decision #1. 
So we found out we got the house and within that week started moving in to it...for the record, this was the single worse move I have ever gone through. 
It rained the whole time, girls were 17 mo. old and I hadn't packed a box.  Not the best situation to be in on moving day. :)  Have I mentioned before how patient my husband is...I thank God for him every day. 
Well needless to say, it took a REALLY long time to get moved in to our new house.   You know when you have everything at the new house that you need to live and the rest of the stuff you still need to move from the old house is stuff you would never miss.  I secretly hoped that it accidentally caught fire and we would never have to see that stuff again.  Well it didn't...and it took us a month to move.
So now to the present time...we are in the process of short selling our "first house" and in between buying another one, we moved into a rental.  We have been in the rental for less than two months, the old house is not empty yet and we have just bought our new house that we are moving in to on November 1st.  Thankfully, the new house is our "dream house" and is the house we will be in forever...until we decide different. :)
I have just spent several hours in our old house that is being short sold and my girls' room had a lot to be desired...imagine for one second if all you did was move the furniture out of your childrens rooms and what was left...that's how this house looked.  Every other room in the house is in perfect shape ready to go...except my girls' room.  Now I know better than to let my girls help me or we will have to go through an emotional moment with getting rid of anything and everything, including the toys from McDonalds.  So I have to go at this one on my own. 
I just got through salvaging anything on the floor worth saving or yard selling and the rest is going to need a shovel to just come in and throw away.  So I am taking a well needed break from the room and will make another go at it tomorrow. 
But I have discovered things that I think may help the rest of you...all of your socks that you think the dryer ate the other one...they are under your children's beds.  And for the headbands that you can't believe could be lost two minutes after they were wearing them...those too...can be found under their beds. 
I have learned a valuable lesson today, the beds for the new house will be beds that have no way of anything getting underneath them...I think IKEA has a great set. 
Off to shopping...have a great day!

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