Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A fun Halloween craft...

When working in the classrooms (my twins are 6 and in first grade), it's fun to know some inexpensive crafts that you can do quickly and that really WOW the kids.  This is one that I found to be a great success. What you will need:
  • A salad spinner (The Dollar Store usually has them cheap)
  • white cardstock paper
  • orange, black and possibly green paint (you can find this in the bottles at The Dollar Store)
  • orange glitter, black glitter and possibly green glitter
  • containers to hold very watered down paint
  • plastic spoons
The night before volunteering in the class, I would find a really cool pumpkin outline and print it on all of the cardstock.(1 per child in the class).  This will be used for them to cut them out.  (Another idea would be to print out a couple, cut them out yourself and ask them to trace that pumpkin and cut out their own.  Depending on the age of the class).
Then you would take the paint and squeeze a medium amount in each container, add glitter (a fair share of it) and then add water and mix it up.
When you get to the classroom, you would ask the students to cut out the cardstock pumpkin and put their name on the back.
Then one by one, you place the individual pumpkin cut out in the salad spinner, ask them to put how many colors and the amount of paint they want on the pumpkin in the salad spinner. (Keep in mind the glitter is in the paint and I found that works the best instead of adding glitter after the paint).
You then place the salad spinner lid on and ask the child to spin really fast for about 10 seconds and when they open it up, it looks like spin art.
They love it and each one is very different.
You can do this for any holiday with any cutout...for example:  a christmas tree, valentine heart, shamrock, easter egg, etc.
The clean up is very simple as the paint is a water based paint and will come off of everything.
Happy Spinning!
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