Wednesday, October 21, 2009

FREE Weight Loss Website - Unbelieveable!!!

I love the website   This website actually creates a plan for you over a specific period of time to help you reach your weight loss goals.  It creates a menu for you and tracks what you eat, how much water you drink.  It can also break down how many calories you have eaten in a day, how many carbs you have eaten, and gives you a work out routine that is specific to you.  You have to take a look.

Below is an excerpt from the website itself:  Click here to go directly to the site.
  • Our weight loss program teaches people to stop dieting and transition to a permanent, healthy lifestyle. Far beyond just weight loss, SparkPeople helps everyone learn to eat better and exercise regularly—for life. And people who don’t want to lose weight can still join and benefit from SparkPeople's tools, resources and community features. In addition to informative articles and interactive tools, such as fitness trackers and meal plans, members can find support and encouragement from our vibrant, positive community of members and experts.
    All the components of our program mix in an element of fun so that our members truly do stick with their programs. With millions of members, we’ve witnessed thousands of success stories firsthand. We’ve found that using sound nutrition and regular exercise as a “springboard” for success helps our members find greater enjoyment in life and strive for even more goals, creating their own real-life adventures!
Here is why can do this for free:

Read a note from our founder
This site really is free - with no strings attached. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world use to lose weight and make healthy lifestyle changes. Our biggest source of new members is word of mouth from existing members who love this site and tell their friends, family, and co-workers. SparkPeople can be free because my wife and I were very early eBay employees and are now using our earnings from its success to make the world a healthier place, as our way of giving back to society. Join today to see what everyone is talking about!
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  1. I'm excited about this website!!!! Thanks for sharing my friend :)

  2. I have two close friends who have lost weight using sparkpeople. :)

  3. sparkpeople is awesome I used to use that website!

  4. Love, love, love Spark People. I will be back on next week to lose this baby weight. It makes it so simple!!