Sunday, October 18, 2009

Other people's kids...

I don't know why I have this obsession but I can promise you it's not healthy and I need to seek therapy....for other's peoples kids that is.  Not that I am addicted to other peoples kids and can't live without them, what I have to seek therapy for is how other people's kids are treated. 
I walk in to a grocery store or Walmart or where ever and see a kid that is not clean, has a bruise on it's face and it's on...I am almost in the fetal position rocking back and forth.  O.K. so I don't really take it to that extreme...but inside that's what my heart is doing.  It seriously bothers me so bad that I forget what I am shopping for and am consumed in making sure that this child is not mistreated throughout the shopping trip.  I have actually gone up to parents before that were mistreating their kids and said, "you should be REAL careful how you treat your children.  I am with CPS (California Protective Services) and if I see one more incident, you will be reported and I will have the cops here in a heartbeat!"   Now, Im not really with CPS, but boy does that change the rest of the shopping trip for that child!  LOL  I actually recommend that more of you pose as "CPS" workers, or whatever the child protective service in your community is.
This "condition" I have has always been bad and then I had kids...and it escalated by 100%
I realize that people have to go to more effort to get their driver's license, than to have a baby!!! 
It's my opinion that there should be some form of parenting classes REQUIRED prior to having a baby and then the parent actually has to be determined mentally capable of caring for another life.
I just got out of church and there was an absolutely phenomenal group there called, Teen Challenge.  This is an organization that takes people that have an addiction and puts them through a very long, christian based program to help them get well.  There were about 8 people from Teen Challenge that actually gave their testimonials...and I was a bawling baby the whole time.  What their message was is that they felt it was there fault and they did the things they did to hide the pain they had inside.  Since being a part of Teen Challenge, they have since forgiven themselves through the grace of God and their lives are on the right path!  It was amazing...I recommend if you have it on your heart to donate to an organization...this is a very worth while one because it is helping the dysfuncional adults, that were products of a bad childhood, become law abiding, God loving citizens!
The first one started off by stating that she started being molested at the age of two...then it got way worse from there.  The next one was a meth addict by the age of 14...and you can imagine where that went.  Another one was a young boy who was 22 years old and his mom went to prison when he was young and he was raised by his father.  His own father started molesting him between the ages of 5 through 7 years of age. 
We look at society and are so worried about where the future of this country is going with all of the horrible things that are happening...rapes, murders, break-ins, drug abuse...the list goes on and on.  Hasn't anyone figured out that the people that are acting out in horrible ways as adults...that it has stemmed from their childhood. 
I believe we need to change the future of our society...starting in the homes.  There will be a day in the next couple of years where I start an organization and completely fund it myself that will be out there to protect children.  Perhaps it is going to be a state mandated testing before someone can be considered "qualified" to take home their new born baby.  Where would the rest of the babies that large group of people in society that would give anything to have a baby, have the perfect atmosphere and would provide a loving and nurturing home and are unable to have babies themselves. 
I used to wonder how this could happen to little kids. They come in to this world as blank canvas''s what happens to them as children that paints their life picture...we should be more responsible as a community and join together in making sure that all kids that are born in to this world are in an environment where they can excel.  That would cut back on crime, molestation, rape, drug abuse, prisons could be decreased in size, etc. etc. 
Since the main reason that there is all of this dysfunction in the world is in part to the way that our children are treated...let's do our part to make sure that those new litte lifes that are coming in to this world...soon to be the leaders of our future... are protected!
I don't know what it will be and I can't pin point when...but mark my words, within the next 3 - 5 years, you will hear about a foundation/organization, etc. that will be out there to protect kids and I will be behind it!  I hope I will have your help and support!

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  1. You would 110%ly have my support and I'd go in with you w/funding it! It can be our project when we're retired from our current job ;) Which will be in the next couple years... I'm already planning it! Hehe... I love you to death and think you are the most amazing mom I've ever seen in my entire life. I am so excited to learn from you and to come to you for advice. You are my big sister now, and just brace yourself, because that means I'll be turning to you for ALL advice.

    I can't even begin to explain to you how happy I am to have you back in my life.